GolfBuddy Platinum GPS Rangefinder

The GolfBuddy World Platinum GPS is a technological marvel with unmatched features and functions. This unit allows you to have the world’s courses in the palm of your hand with its 40,000 course storage capability. 33,000 courses from around the world come pre-loaded and are 100% free.

GolfBuddy World Platinum GPS awing features are the state-of-the-art touch screen, ease-of-use, and vibrant user interface. Featuring premium layout so you have touch point technology that allows you to see the hole layout and zoom in and out. Also bringing you score tracking for up to four players and statistics analysis that show you key stats such as GIR, putts per round, and sand saves.


  • Over 33,000 pre-loaded courses from across the world
  • 40,000 course capacity
  • Improved battery life (15 hours)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Shock- and water-resistant case design
  • Improved screen (higher contrast and more sensible touch panel)
  • Full-function touch screen
  • Auto-hole recognition
  • Premium layout views
  • 50-channel satellites reception
  • High-resolution, outdoor visible, trans-reflective LCD screen
  • Target icon screen with on-hole positioning
  • Custom target capabilities
  • Shot distance measurement
  • Multi-lingual
  • Player score-tracking module
  • Statistics analysis module

GolfBuddy Platinum Reviews:

This is the best invention for golfers. The best unit out there. It has helped me with my game drastically. I say why not invest in a great unit. Thank you GolfBuddy!

This GPS is a great golf aid. I love the fact that all of the courses are pre loaded. Just show up, press the power button and you are ready to go. Also having no annual fees is a great savings over the lifetime of the unit. This is a much less complicated unit than its competitors and much more convenient to own and use. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a GPS.

The Golf Buddy has everything the Skycaddie has and more. Golf Buddy has it all right in your hand as opposed to the web. Stats for fairways, greens and putts right there as you play. A 4 person scorecard, overhead views of every hole without paying a up charge. IT’S FREE SERVICE!

Best value for a GPS unit. Works great and has improved my game especially on final approach shots. Help too with the off line drives. Love it.

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