SkyGolf SkyCaddie SGXw GPS Rangefinder

The SkyGolf SkyCaddie SGXw GPS Rangefinder utilizes “buttonless”and “touchless” technology; AutoView enables golfers to change between their most popular screens with just a simple turn of the wrist and is controlled by the SGX’s built-in accelerometer to provide three viewing positions. Combined with Auto-Course Select, Auto-Hole Advance and Auto-Zoom, AutoView technology eliminates the need to push buttons or touch points on an LCD Screen. By simply rotating the SGX device to the right, you’ll go from the brilliant Interactive HoleVue screen to IntelliGreen for a detailed view of the green. Turn the SGX to the left, and you’ll instantly see the New Digital Scorecard so you can enter your score.

This rangefinder connects to wireless networks for easy course downloads. Use PinPoint Technology by simply adding a pin sheet or zone positions and enjoy the advantages of the best GPS and distance to the hole. Choose the best club for every shot with Dynamic RangeVue.


  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Dynamic RangeVue
  • PinPointTechnology
  • IntelliGreen
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Brilliant Color Display
  • TruePoint GPS Precision Positioning Technology – High performance GPS engine for ultra-fast satellite acquisition and unmatched accuracy and reliability.
  • Omni-Directional, High Performance GPS Antenna — Locks quickly to more satellites and stays locked to optimize performance and accuracy in all terrains.
  • Digital Scorecard and Stat Tracking — Track your score for every round
  • 30,000 preloaded courses
  • Measure Any Shot

SkyGolf SkyCaddie SGXw Reviews:

Really a great step forward from the SGX. To have wireless on top of all the other features is really a giant plus. I used it for the first time yesterday and was very impressed with both the ease of use and the accuracy of the GPS.

I upgraded from the SG5 which I liked very much. The SGX WI-FI is a little harder to get used to right out of the box but I think it is a very nice unit. I like the larger numbers on the screen and the brightness, don’t like to have to push the power button every time I want to see the screen. I would recommend this product.

This unit’s newer, updated, faster processor is a great improvement over the older SGX. For this reason, you will greatly appreciate any decision you make to purchase this unit vice the older SGX. Also, the addition of the wireless function to this unit greatly adds to the unit’s versatility in updating software, downloading course information, and posting scores to SkyGolf’s website. This unit is highly recommended for any serious golfers.

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