GPS vs Laser

Okay, there are pretty much two types of devices avail­able on the market to help you determine yardage on the golf course; GPS and Laser rangefinder. Let’s take a look and compare both and see which one is right for you.

About GPS Rangefinders

First up is the golf GPS rangefinder. These sys­tems use the same GPS satel­lite sys­tem that a car nav­i­ga­tion sys­tem does. A golf course’s GPS coor­di­nates must be mapped and stored on the device. This is done through the use of satel­lite images or by manually walk­ing each course and the accu­racy of a golf GPS sys­tem is usually within a few yards. Using these GPS coor­di­nates, the device can give you the dis­tance from your ball to var­i­ous points on a given hole. The basic units will tell you the dis­tance to the cen­ter of the green but most tell you at least the dis­tance to the front, cen­ter, and back of the green. Some offer more includ­ing the dis­tance needed to carry haz­ards or an over­head view of the hole. The touch­screen golf GPS units offer the abil­ity to drag to any point on the hole and see the dis­tance to it.

About Laser Rangefinders

A golf laser rangefinder works by shooting a laser off an object to deter­mine the dis­tance to it. The biggest ben­e­fit of a laser rangefinder is its accu­racy in mea­sur­ing the dis­tance to the flag. Some laser rangefind­ers boast accuracy of within one yard or less. Another advan­tage of some laser rangefind­ers is the abil­ity to deter­mine the slope from your ball to the tar­get and fac­tor it into the dis­tance. So if the actual dis­tance is 150 yards but the tar­get is uphill, the device will provide you with a longer “play-as” yardage. Rangefind­ers can also lock onto tar­gets other than the flag, though this can some­times be trick­ier and take more time. The big draw­back of laser rangefinders is that they can’t mea­sure the dis­tance to a tar­get that isn’t visible. So any blind shots or doglegs are not measurable.

So which is right golf rangefinder for you?

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